Planner Girl Collective – Christmas Bucket List

Hello hello Planner Girls!!!!

I hope you are all well. This week our brief over at the PGC is Christmas Bucket List ideas.

Christmas is always a fun time of the year for me as I am a December baby. As a parent now though, I find that Christmas is all about the children. My birthday goes by the wayside :o)

I started with my planner, as all good lists start and drew up a list of things I want to do.

IMG_3886I thought of 10 things to start off that I wanted to do. Most of these are related to the children, but lets be real, they are the ones who Christmas is about for me.

  1. Write and post letters to Santa. I have been asking my children to start thinking about the toys they want for a while now, so doing our letters to Santa means that I can get all the final things bought ready. My son is 7 so he can write his own list, but my 3 year old can’t write yet. To help her I got a copy of the toy catalogue and told her to draw circles around the things she likes. Last count she had drawn around pretty much everything she saw!
  2. Decorate a gingerbread house. I got a gingerbread house kit from Tesco a while ago so one day when the weather is not very nice it will be nice to get this kit out and let me children have fun decorating this.
  3.  Visit the church fair. My in laws are Elders at a church in Blackburn and visiting the Christmas fair is one of the things they look forward to the most each year, along with the Christmas service too. Word on the street is that Santa is visiting too, see number 7!
  4. Go to a Christingle Service. There is a fantastic service at the Church that Abi and I go to playgroup in. Its a really lovely, family friendly service and its usually on Christmas Eve. It gets us all in the Christmas spirit and also reminds us of the story of Christmas. Its a family favourite and another highlight each year.
  5. Ice Skating! Abi hasn’t been ice skating yet so I really want to find a good rink. They have one in Manchester, but its quite expensive, given that they children on the ice for approximately two laps before they have had enough. I have heard reports that Bolton Ice rink is very good, so I am hoping to try this one this year instead.
  6. Find some nice Christmas lights to go and see. We don’t do this tradition really, but I would like to introduce it. I have not even been to the Christmas markets in Manchester yet, so I need to go and have a look before I run out of weekends to go1
  7. Visit Santa. See point 4.
  8. Visit and Elderley person at Christmas. This is quite an easy one as we have an Elderly neighbour who lives on his own. His wife died a few years ago and he doesn’t have much family. I want to make sure we get him something nice for Christmas and the children can make a card for him. I know he would really appreciate a visit and seeing how excited the children are will lift his spirits.
  9. Donate Toys. Each year I want the children to get into the habit of having a toy cull and setting toys aside for less fortunate children. Last year I got our Elf on the shelf to take some broken toys to the North Pole for Santa to fix and send on. This feels like a nice thing to do and clears the way for the things that will come.
  10. Drink hot chocolate and watch Elf. I love the film Elf and I cannot think of anything better than hot chocolate, blankets and Christmas films. I wonder how soon I can get away with starting this one? Mid November too soon?

Here is my starter for ten list. I would love to see what your bucket list contains.

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Love, Louise x

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