Plannergirl Collective – Autumn Planner Setup

Hello, hello Planner Girls!

Our brief over at Planner Girl Collective HQ is to talk about our Autumn Planner Setup. I have recently done at a YouTube video showing my setup on my channel here.

I feel like a setup video or a blog post is like tempting fate for me. Everytime I seem to do a video or write about my planner setup means that practically everything will be changed.

I am in my pocket sized sugar Mochi Foxy fix as my every day carry. I am loving my pocket as a ‘on the go planner’. I have done quite a in depth setup video on my pocket TN already, so I won’t go into too much detail on this here.

In addition to the pocket TN I have also gotten myself a B6 TN. I have been tempted by the B6 size so much and finally I gave in to temptation after seeing Ashleigh (from the Onyx Raven Co) at The Planner Bee. She had a B6 Bevdori and I was so tempted by one of these that I placed an order when I got home.

In the meantime, whilst I wait for my Bevdori to arrive I made myself a DIY B6 Foxy Fix.  I had a single strap size 8 which I cut down into B6 size.IMG_6713

The Leather on the single strap was not perfect, so it was not a hard decision to take a rotary cutter to it at all. I didn’t bother to punch and stitch the leather as I knew it wasn’t going to keep it for too long. Inside the TN I have made some secretarial pockets from some laminated sheets that added rose gold foil to and put in lamination pouches. These are used for storage of stickers mainly.


I am using a TN Decoration kit at the moment too, which is the EllieBeth Designs kit in Unicorn. I have since purchased a B6 Woodland friends kit as its hands down my favourite kit of all time and is perfect for Autumn. If I look after the kit I hope I can reuse it season after season.

I have six tabs in my planner, labelled year, monthly, weekly, blog, my lists and home. I habe a paperclip that I bought from Vic at Cute Bits and Clips which is a diamond ring in rose gold shape. I also have a today marker from the EllieBethDesigns kit. I have an OliCip and more ephemera in the kit too. In the Back of the TN I have another secretarial pocket, which I made my another lamination pouch.

As far as decoration and stickerating goes in the TN, I have a pretty equal mix of form and function.

My yearly insert is purely function. No stickers used at all. IMG_1307

My monthly insert is a printable from Annieplansprintables. I do have the calendar month decorated, with some fab B6 sized monthly stickers I found at ThePlannerShack on Etsy. The Rest of the insert is on the whole sticker free however.

The Weekly insert is another Annieplansprintables, which was a collaboration with SimplyWaterColorCo. This insert is really pretty and is a fab place to satisfy my stickerating creative itch. I think of it as a mini Erin Condren style insert. Essentially a weekly insert with enough space to put down a good chunk of stickers and get a mini style spread. I can swap these out and archive them when I am ready. Happy dances all round.


The next insert is my Social Media. Again this is purely function, no stickers and all hand drawn for each weekly spread to get the most out of the week.

The next Insert is my Lists insert. This is for my collections and at the moment only has two lists in, but both of these are printed and hand coloured in.

The last insert is Home. This is catch all of the things that need to be done around the house, so far all I have put in is my Fly Lady Cleaning Detail lists. As more things to do with the house crop up, they will be added here.

So concludes my planner setup blog. Admittedly its not very autumnal right now, but this is mostly to do with the fact that I set this up on a whim, that I didn’t have the right TN kit due to the new size just now and that this is just a temporary planner. I am hoping that the TN kit from EllieBethDesigns comes super fast and that my B6 TN from Bev arrives in record time too. For now, whilst I wait oh so impatiently I can write lists of the perfect setup ready for next year.



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