Planner Girl Collective – Favourite Halloween/Autumn Stickers

Hello Planner girls!

I am so sorry that I have been quiet of late. Life has been throwing challenges to me and its been a crazy time. I feel like I am now back on track and getting myself sorted with my blog and social media.

Our brief this week is to talk about Halloween and Autumn Stickers. I print off most of my stickers these days. I have my own silhouette machine, so its easy for me to print off stickers and then cut them myself. I find I often need duplicates of certain ones and I can just print off extra as and when I need them.

I use Etsy for my stickers, I have a few favourite shops that I use all the time. Here are a few examples of my favourite kits.

I love the PlannerShack, and I have got several kits from the shop lately.

I love the monthly kit, the colours are really classic and vintage feeling. It sums up everything that is autumnal for me.

I also got this weekly kit, which is full of gorgeous colours, its autumnal in a more feminine and glitzy way. I think the value for money on her kits is fantastic.

IMG_4964   IMG_0259

The next shop which I love is BeayoutifulPlanning. I have been a big fan of Stephanie’s shop for a long time. This kit is a perfect mix for autumn and I cannot wait to use this is my planner.



One of the other shops I love is DesignStickerStore. I found this Halloween kit last year and I can’t wait to use it again this year. I prefer more adult style Halloween stickers, I am not a fan of children’s cartoon style kits.

These are a few of the kits that I have lined up to go in my planner. Autumn is my favourite season and I think the kits that are available at the moment are stunning. I would love to know what kits and shops you all love.



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