Planner Girl Collective – Back to School Planning

Hello my planner girl friends!

There is only one week left of the school holidays now! I have to be truthful and say that I am looking forward to getting back to our normal routine! The children have been squabbling a fair bit of late and I think James is ready to get back to school too. Its another jump for him as he has left the infants and is about to go into year 3. As far as I know, they are not required to supply their own stationery in year 3. I asked James several times if he was definitely sure he didn’t need a pencil case, which he assures me he does not. James does not share my obsession of stationery and the kid doesn’t get excited about a pen or a paperclip like his crazy mother.  So there are no opportunities for a stationery purchase there. My daughter is only 3, and other than a few new colouring pens, again is not in the market for any stationery items.

These are sad times indeed!

I am not really in any need for any new stationery myself either right now. I know, how ridiculous does that sound? Surely I must need some kind of purchase of some sort. I don’t use notebooks really. I only really ever write in my bullet journal, which is on dot grid paper that I usually print off. I rarely need a standard lined paper book, I have several in my cupboard of shame (where I stash my supplies that I want to hide) that have been there for ages, and will probably remain there.

Right now, other than sticker kits, which I tend to print and cut myself, I am using dot grid paper or printables, a Lamy lx fountain pen, with shimmertastic Diamine ink, some Tombow dual brush pens. I am in a real paired down season of my planning and I am using what I have got. I know it won’t last long as I have Shiny Object Syndrome and get my head turned very easily.

So this is really a post about the suppplies I have not bought, but to see what my planner girl friends have been buying check them out here:



The Stationery Geekette




Love Louise




3 thoughts on “Planner Girl Collective – Back to School Planning

  1. Sounds like you have a system that works for you which is great. Unfortunately I’m still looking which is probably why I end up with so much stationery. That said, like you, I also suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome 🙂


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