Planner Girl Collective – Dream Planners

Todays challenge is to write about our dream planners. This is a really fluid concept for me as what constitutes a dream planner seems to change on a frequent basis. At one point, my dream planner was definitely a ringed planner, akin to a Gillio or a VDS. Now I know that ringed planners are not for me and the only planners that I will ever use is a Travelers Notebook. There are so many companies that offer amazing Travelers Notebooks, both in the UK and home.

The one biggie for me at the moment was to get a size 8 sugar mochi Foxy Fix in compact size. Foxy Fix are one of my favourite TN suppliers. I prefer the sugar leather as its really smooth and they are so gorgeous. I would also love to get a sugar cookie at some point too.

Love from poppy is another amazing supplier of TN’s. I love the Pastel colours that Bev has recently been supplying. I really want to get a pastel pink or mint in pocket size.

Jeni from Stitch and Weave has amazing leather and faux leather TNs. I want to add one of her Rose Gold pocket TNs to my collection really soon too.

There will always be a new TN on the market that catches my eye and always something to work towards. So is the life of the planner addict, right?

What dream planners are on your list right now?

Love Louise


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