Planner Girl Collective – School Holiday Planning

Hello Planner Girls! I hope you are all well. This week our brief over at the Planner Girl Collective was to talk about School Holiday Planning.

Each year I create a spread in my bullet journal for my six weeks of summer. I list out the complete days of the holidays, from the start to the end of the summer holidays. This gives me a visual representation of what days we need to fill.


This year my son has decided that he wants to go to the sports camp at school for three weeks, which means I have 50% less things to find for us to do! He has also decided he wants to go to Grandmas for a week. I am basically down to two weeks of the holiday to fill.

I colour co-ordinate the days for James and any important dates for Abi. This is a great way for me to see in a quick way what dates are free and which ones are busy days. Most of the playgroups I go to with Abi are closed over the summer and so I need to find things for us to do during the holidays.

I write myself a list of ideas of places to go or events that are on so that when we have free days I have the list to hand.  I also love having this list as a memory keeper of what we did over the holidays too.

What do you use for your school holiday planning? I would love to know.

Love Louise


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One thought on “Planner Girl Collective – School Holiday Planning

  1. My planning is very similar to yours. I like to have a full overview of the entire holiday so I can keep track of everything and make sure we don’t schedule everything for the first couple of weeks and then nothing x


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