Planner Girl Collective – Summer Bucket List

Hello Planner girls!

Today I am back with my Summer Bucket list. As you know by now, my bucket lists always seem to revolve around my children. This bucket list is no exception as we are talking about things to do over the summer.  The first thing I did when drawing up this list was go to Pinterest for ideas. I found so many fantastic ideas for things for our summer adventures.

Once I had found lots of ideas from Pinterest, I had a look on Etsy for some summer stickers to add to a spread. I found a great sticker sheet from Beayoutiful on etsy. I then added some extra icons on the sheet based on the ideas I got from Pinterest.

After that I made a spread in my bullet journal for my summer bucket list and added all the fun new stickers onto the spread. I am really excited to try and tick these things off for summer!

My list includes: Visit a fair, have a beach day, fly a kite, eat Ice cream, have a picnic, go on a hike, eat candy floss, play crazy golf, build a sandcastle, have an arts and crafts day, do a treasure hunt, perform a magic show, celebrate, tech free day, ride a bike, ride a carousel, pick berries, plant a garden, drink a margarita (one for me this one, I will make the kids a mocktail!) and collect shells.

Obviously this list is only the tip of the ice berg for summer adventures, the summer holidays are a fantastic chance to do all the things that daily life never seems to allow us to do with the routine and constraints of the school day and the normal daily grind.


What things are on your bucket list this year?

I would love to know what your must do activities are.

Love Louise


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