Planner Girl Collective – Mid Year Review

Hello Planner girls! This week our challenge is to do a Mid Year review. I took this as an opportunity to  do a review of my planner system.

I started the year off in a Bullet Journal and for the most part I was really happy. As the year went on I decided that I wanted more flexibility in terms of how my system was organised. I knew that I didn’t want to go back to rings, so a few weeks ago I moved out of my Bullet Journal which was an a5 Leuchhturm 1917 and into a cahier sized Travelers Notebook which I actually made myself. I got a piece of leather and I made myself the perfect sized notebook.

One of the reasons I decided to make the switch upto a large size TN was linked with one book July. If you haven’t heard of the challenge, it was set by Rhomany several years ago. Carie Harling and Miss Vicky Bee also co host the challenge, and there is a very good blog post by Carie here to explain everything.

The Tag line of the challenge this year is ‘Go Big or Go Home’. This ties in really nicely with my jump from an a6 TN to a cahier size. Inside the TN I have 6 inserts. The first insert is a calender insert, the second is a weekly layout, the third book is another weekly style insert which is used for home tasks, cleaning, meals etc. The fourth insert is a daily to do list.  The fifth insert is a blog and youtube insert. The last insert is for my collections.

I have popped my a6 TN away for the next month. Part of the challenge for me is to work out if I can manage with just one planner. My a6 planner is just used as a handbag type planner and it can go without use for several days at a time.

During one book July I will still continue to use my creative journal, but I figure that if the challenge  is to limit myself to one book for planning, I can allow myself to continue to creative journal too. I also watched Rhomany’s video, which she gives everyone permission to interpret the challenge in any way they wish to, free of rules.

I am really excited about having a month of streamlined planning. If I focus on one planner I think it will allow me to think about the think I really need in my planner and simplyify.

So far so good, I am really enjoying having this setup. I feel totally settled and happy in a TN and this size is a great option for a home planner. I will let you know how I feel next week with regards to ditching my a6 as an every day carry.


Is anyone else doing one book July? Let me know!

Love Louise

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