Planner Girl Collective – My Craft Space

Hello Planner girls!

This week our mission from Planner Girl HQ was to talk craft spaces with you all. I don’t have a craft room as such. I would love one though! I have a small space that I claimed in our dining room.



The desk is from Ikea, here is the link. Its a really basic desk, but I love that it is still pretty.IMG_0878


On the window next to my desk I store pens and a few books. The pen storage is from Muji, see here. I find it really fab for storing my pens.

Next to the Muji pen storage I have my tombows. I then have my Kipling case which I use to store my bullet journal.

I have a few a5 project books which I use to store stickers which were from Paperchase. I then have my Michaels Recollections planner and my Hobbycraft planner.



On my desk, next to my storage shelf I have my extra storage organiser. This one is from Wilkinsons and was from a pretty collection in rose gold effect.  I also have my make up bag here and a couple of candles.


On top of my storage unit I have a homemade clipboard. Its a hessian material and is fab for sticking in pins and storing your ephemera.


On top of my desk is the storage desk that I got from Argos, link here.

I have changed the shelf configuration slightly on this unit. On the top shelf I have my TN collection and next to that I have a rose gold in tray from the Wilkinsons collection matching the pen storage. The underneath tray I have my washi storage. I store my washi in cutlery trays from amazon, link here.


Underneath my desk is a bit untidy, I am sorry! I have a storage unit from Argos. I have this in a config of 3 boxes though. On the bottom I have my printer, which is a HP Envy 4524. I also have my silhouette stored on top of the printer. Next to the printer I have my  printable sticker storage and my project book which stores my montly subscription kits.

On the top shelves I have extra make up storage and my rose gold pencil case in which I store my coloured pencils. On the other side of the shelf I have a big storage box which holds my most used tools and useful things.

Next to my storage cube I have a trolley that I got from amazon, link here.  I love having all my different items stored in the right drawers. I am a little OCD when it comes to my storage of the smaller, more fiddly items. When I have my items in really useful and accessible trays it makes me so much more productive!

One day I would love to have a craft room, but until my children grow up and leave home, this is unlikely to happen. Space is really at a premium right now though.

How do you all store your craft items and planners? I would love to hear from you all if you have any tips on how I can improve my craft storage.

Love Louise


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