Planner Girl Collective – Q&A

Hello Plannergirls!

This week our topic is a Q&A post. I have a list of questions here, which have been supplied to us,

1) Why did you start your blog? – I started my blog as an accompanier to my YouTube Channel. I dont post as often as I should, but its one of my goals to increase the number of times. I post.
2) Other than planning do you do other crafts? I like to do papercrafts and I love crochet and knitting. 
3) If money was no object, what planner would you use? At the moment I am hankering for Foxy Fix size 7. I am always swapping about so this changes quite a bit.
4) What was your first ever planner? A teal Kikki K. I don’t have it anymore though. 
5) How many planners do you currently own? And how many are presently in use? I currently have 6 TN’s. 3 are in use, one as my edc, one as my creative journal and one is for spirituality.
6) Who is your planner idol? Whose planners/planning style to you aspire to? I love Boho Berry. I think her style is fantastic! I am so excited that she is now in a TN too. I cannot wait to see her setup.
7) Rings, Disc, Coils or TN ? And why? This is an easy one, TN all the way for me. I do not own any ringed planners anymore. I cannot see myself ever going back to rings again. The rings made it really difficult for me to write it. I also found it hard to write in if I wasn’t at a table.

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