Planner Girls Collective – Planner Hacks

Hello my lovely planner girls! This week we have been asked to talk about our planning hacks. This one took a bit of thinking really as my planning hacks will be different to yours, for example I work in a travelers notebook, so my hacks might not be applicable to everyone. That being said, I had a bash at this anyway.

Colours. I bullet journal in a Leuchtterm 1917 and I use an a6 Travelers Notebook as my everyday carry. In my bullet journal I use a lot of colour coding. I use it as a way to give a visual cue to myself. This works well in my daily tasks, where I can colour code my tasks. This means at a glance I can see which of the tasks I am doing each day are for which particular part of my life. For my colour coding I like to use Pilot Frixxon Highlighters in pastel colours.

Tabs. I used tabs in both my L1917 and my A6. This means I can instantly go to the page I need. I have lots of spare Planner Society tabs which I can use for this, or I can make my own with scraps of spare cardstock. I have tried to stamp on my tabs, but to be honest I am not very good at stamping.

Stencils. I have found stencils to be an amazing time saving hack. I have bought a few stencils over time and recently I have made a few stencils of my own, The one which has saved me the most time is the one I made for my weekly layout.

Post Its. I have several pages in my bullet journal which are lists to buy or lists to do. I have made some post it pages which I can just re use. I hate wasting pages, and this feels like a good way to reuse pages well.

Cover ups. Its easy to make mistakes in a Bullet Journal. Given that its not as simple as just taking out pages, as you would with a ringed planner, you need a solution to cover up any mistakes. The obvious choice for small mistakes is tipex, but sometimes the mistake might be too big. I have used Washi tape to cover mistakes before and it works really well. In some cases, the mistakes might be an entire page, if this is the case I find that I can print out a whole page onto sticker paper and just pop it in.

I think these are the main planner hacks, I would love to hear what your planner hacks are

Love Louise



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