Planner Girl Collective – Spring Bucket List

Hello Planner friends!

This week we are talking about our Spring Bucket list. Now the season is changing its time to think about the things we would like to do for Spring Time.  I have approached this list from a family/children point of view, as I usually do with these type of lists.

Here are my things of Spring things to do:

  1. Visit a farm. Always fun with the children to see lots of new baby animals. We have a really good open farm near us that let you see baby animals, and even feed them.
  2. Fly a kite. I need to buy or make one first, but always fun to decamp to the local park and try and fly a kite.
  3. Decorate easter eggs. Lots of shops have craft sets so you can decorate eggs, either decoupatch, polystyrene, or you could even do good old fashioned normal boiled eggs too!
  4. Plant some flowers. A trip to the garden centre to pick up some flowers and an afternoon of planting is a lovely thing to do on a sunny day.
  5. Draw with chalk on the paving stones. Luckily our back garden is completely paved over so this one is easy to do.
  6. Have an outdoor picnic. Let the kids make their own snacks and eat al fresco.
  7. Go on a nature trail. Make a list of insects and things to look for and go on an adventure.
  8. Spring crafting day. Again lots of shops have easter crafts in, so stock up and have a craft afternoon making spring treasures.
  9. Make your own play dough. Lots of recipes on pintrest  to follow, you can make sparkly glittery ones and the children love to help.
  10. Go for a bike ride. Great way to fill little lungs up with fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

What are your spring bucket list must do’s?

Love Louise



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