Planner Girls Collective – Current Setup

Hello everyone! The brief for us this week was to talk about our current setup, well this one is tricky to say the least. I have been swapping about a fair bit of late and by the time this post is written I am sure things will change!

I take comfort from a few things which seem to be constant though. Firstly I have been in a TN for months and months now without the itch to go back to rings, so yay me! 2) I seem to be very happy in an a6 TN too, that’s twice the reason to celebrate.

I have been in my Uglydori for a week now and its such an amazing travelers notebook. I went for a bare leather, which is undyed and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I am loving having this as my main planner and everyday carry.


Inside the TN you will see that I have setup the inside pockets with some pretty die cuts and paperclips. I really enjoy making the pockets look pretty.


At the front ofimg_6239.jpg the TN I used papers from the Planner Society Kit and a journal card to make a dashboard.

These are really easy to make, I run mine through my laminator and add my own pockets inside too.



The first insert I have is for my lists. This is my collections book. Any lists or bullet journal collection type spreads go in here. I love having these lists in their own book as you have everything together and never have to remake the spreads when you change bullet journal. Unless you change your size that is. I do a little bit of decoration in this insert and try to add headers onto each spread.

img_2418.jpgThe second Insert I have is my blog and social media insert. Each month I make a new insert for this and have an editorial calendar, alongside a to do list. It’s crucial that I have this list to refer to so I know what I want to create and when its due. Without this plan I would get overwhelmed about what needs to be done and when. I don’t decorate this insert at all. It’s purely functional and shows me what needs to be done in a clean way.

My Third insert is my brain dump section. This is just a blank notebook where I can write down any random lists, things on my brain, ideas. It’s a catch-all.  This type of book is great for me as sometimes I just need to get everything out of my head before I can process things properly. Again I don’t decorate this insert, it’s just for basic lists.


My 4th insert is my diary section.  I make one of these for each month and replace it on a rolling basis. I decorate this insert with stickers each week and really enjoy having this insert as my pretty insert.


Here is an example of a weekly spread. I am using a week on two pages at the moment. Well, as of this morning anyway! IMG_5897

My 5th insert is a 12 month calendar insert. I use this so I have my year at a glance on my all the time. I can add anything in here that comes up so I always have the ability to add events in. I enjoy decorating the months in this insert and mainly use Planner Society Stickers.


My last insert is a blank a6 notebook which I use a daily to do list. I enjoy having a full-page to write all my to do lists and events. This notebook is rough and ready and is not decorated at all. The main thing about this notebook is that is functional.


This is complete setup. I am finding the whole system so fantastic at the moment. I think the quality of the Uglydori is a big factor in this. I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my TN.

Love Louise



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