Planner Girls Collective – Top Gift Ideas for Crafty Mammas

Hello my planner girls! This week we have been challenged to talk about top Gift Ideas for Crafty Mammas. I like this post, as I am a mamma, who likes crafts! I thought about this and gave a budget to this of £20 maximum. I have come up with the following ideas.

  1. Subscription box. This is a great idea for a crafter. There are several subscription boxes available, for example Mrs Brimbles, The Lollipop Box to sub boxname a couple. You also have the Planner Society, but this is on the pricey end of the bracket and is much more than £20. You can buy a one off box or a subscription of several months.lamy pen
  2. Pens. I do love a nice pen! I write mostly with fountain pen and you can pick up some Lamy Al Stars for less than £20. I also love fancy inks too. My favourite inks are diamine shimmer inks, which again you can pick up for less than £20.
  3. Washi Tape. You can pick up some amazing washi tape. Etsy is a treasure trove for washi tape and a nice variety of washi tape can be such a wonderful present for a craft addict. I do love my Michaels washi tape, which I picked on the buy and sell groups. I am obsessed with foiled washi at the moment.CATCLIP
  4. Paper clips. I do love a good paperclip too. I love Cherry Blossom in the Market Square for Paperclips. Head over to etsy to see the amazing paperclips that Kayleigh makes here.
  5. Vouchers. You can buy vouchers for most craft shops online and this is a fab present if you are unsure exactly what to pick up for your craft addict.
  6. Stickers! You all know that I am a sticker addict, so stickers will always be on my list of must have items. There are several sticker shops available on etsy, and as you know I am on the EllieBethDesignsUK design team. You can pick up a sticker kit, or voucher for someone and I think it makes an awesome gift. elliebethstickers
  7. Planner Pouch. I will not dare to put my planner in my bag without a planner pouch to protect it! I cannot recommend Jeni at Stitch&Weave highly enough for her pouches. The prints are so pretty and it means your prized possessions are always protected.

So there you have it. My list of some must have items for a planner addict. What are your favourite items to receive?

Love Louise

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