Planner Girls Collective -Wishlist

Hello, hello, my lovely planner addicts. I am back with another addition to this series.

Our brief this week was to talk about our updated with our updated Planner Wishlists.

The big ticket items that I wanted out late were all Travelers Notebooks. I have mentioned before that I have made my peace with rings vs strings, and I am all about the strings.

That being said, I had some new TN’s that I had my eye on.

  1. a6 Geekydori. This is here and its totally gorgeous. Here is a link to my YouTube video. Geekydori Unboxing

  2. a6 Uglydori. I bit the bullet and put in an order for a6 Uglydori. I totally blame Kelly over at the Scrapbook Girl for this. I saw her video and well……I had no control over myself! Its not arrived, yet, but as soon as it does I will do a blog post. If you haven’t seen Kellys video, head over to The Scrapbook Girlwebsters-floral

  3. Mint Floral Websters pages. The first time I saw this TN I was in love. The problem was that this is a Joanns exclusive! I did managed to get hold of one on Blitsy though in the end. This TN is for my creative journal.
  4. Stickers. I had to put in some orders for stickers from EllieBethDesigns. She had a big sale for her birthday, and I splurged bigtime. I am now in ‘Sensible Spending’ March though.  elliebethstickers.jpg
  5. Watercolours. I want to try watercolouring and so I have picked up some paints and aqua brushes. As soon as I have some things to show you I will upload them. This is what I have picked up though! gold-watercolours

I think this is about everything for now on my wishlist. I am trying to be good for a while. Wish me luck!

Love Louise


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