Planner Girls Collective – Items I cannot live without

Hello everyone.

This week our challenge was to think about the stationery items I cannot live without. Now Emma-Louise didn’t give us a specific number, so I picked ten items. I am not counting my travelers notebook in this list though.

1 – Paper. This is an obvious one, but I would need a lot of high quality dot grid paper. I love the paper from Dot Grid Co.

2 – A ruler, as I draw out of my own inserts so wonky lines for me! I use a folding ruler from Muji.

3 – A pen. My pen of choice is my Lamy rose gold LX, with diamine shimmer ink.

4 – Washi tape. Its amazing how much a bit of washi can jazz up a page, so I would make sure I had a stash to take with me. I am loving the Michaels washi tape I managed to get hold of.

5 – Scissors. High quality scissors are a must. I got an amazing pair of rose gold scissors from eBay.

6 – Stickers. I love stickers on my weekly spread and I would hate a bare spread. I love stickers from EllieBethDesignsUK and ABeautifulPlan

7 – Some coloured pencils for giving a page a touch of colour. I have Scribblicous pens from The Works which I love using.

8 – My corner rounder. I use this item all the time and I would hate if I didn’t have it to hand. I picked up an XCut one from Amazon.

9 – A glue runner. Another must have item, ideal for securing items or adding embellishments. My favourite Glue runner is by Stick It.

10 – Brush Pens. I adore my TomBow Brush Pens as I am trying to learn how to do brush lettering and these are definitely my pens of choice.


What are your must have supplies? Let me know if you think I am missing anything essential from my list.

Love Louise

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