Planner Girls Collective – Budget Craft Ideas/Supplies

Hello plannergirls!

This week over at PGC HQ our brief was to write a post all about budget supplies for crafting/planning. Well I will be honest with you and say that I am not that fantastic at doing things on a budget. I know that’s not very good. I see a lot of youtube videos where people do the ‘dupe or dud’ test. Which, if you are not familiar, is just a way of testing if the cheaper versions of an item are comparable, or not worth buying.

I find that there are a few really great shops that you can pick up some really cheap supplies from though, which I will list here.

  1. The Range. Up until recently I had not been to this shop, so when I first visited I went a little crazy on supplies. They have really fantastic stationery and craft items for lots of crafts for really reasonable prices. The had amazing paperpacks, embellishments, pens, washi…. the list continues. In fact writing this post makes me want to take a trip there today!
  2. The Works, not quite as big as the Range, but the Works has some really great bargains in the stationery department. Always worth a visit, last week for example last week I got some 12 x 12 paperpacks for £3 each!
  3. Home Bargains/B&M. These shops are always worth a look in, the stationery aisles arent always massive but you can sometimes pick up some bargains in the craft section
  4. Asda/Sainsburys. I have picked these two supermarkets as they have the best stationery and craft supplies. My local Tesco and Morrisons are rubbish for stationery! The Asda has some fab bits and pieces in, especially for kids crafts too. My local Sainsburys is a bit of a drive, but its worth it! The stationery offering from Sainsburys is amazing. They have really upped their game on that front. I saw a post on Facebook only this morning, showing some of the new stationery that they have in store, so I think I will need to pay a visit soon.

I think these shops are the ones that have some of the cheapest and best deals. There are so many stationery shops available, but they can be pricey. I would love to hear what your favourite bargains are.

Love Louise

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