Hobonichi Weeks

So here I am, over a year into planning and I was quite sure I had tried them all. Recently however I have started to hear a brand name more and more frequently. The name being Hobonichi. It was something that I hadn’t really looked into, the paper seemed like an odd choice to me, I just wasn’t sure that this would suit any of needs, as such I dismissed the brand as ‘not for me’. However on my youtube travels, I saw lots of videos with this planners, how they are used and I decided to give them a try. I know one thing now for sure, which is that a ring bound planner is not for me, so a hobonichi would still fit into my Travelers Notebook ethos.

Once I had decided that I wanted to try one, I had to make a decision on size. Hobonichi offer an a5 version, an a6 version and the Hobonichi weeks which is not a standard size, its like the height of a b6, but narrower. The are also differences in terms of the setup inside each of these planners. In short, the a5 has monthly, weekly and daily spreads. The a6 has monthly and daily spreads (though you can buy an additional booklet) for weekly spreads as an add on). The Weeks has monthly and weekly spreads, but no daily spreads. It really depends on your needs as to which setup would suit you best. I was really torn between the a6 and the Weeks. In the end I got a Weeks, although I am still debating if I should sneak in a cheeky a6 order.

At the moment I am using my bullet journal as my home planner and my Weeks is my on the go planner. I was trying to work out if there is a need in my life for a a6. I don’t know what I would use an a6 and a Weeks for. If I can work out a justification for both I will probably order one. Watch this space……

Here are a few pictures of my weeks setup.


Do any of you use a Hobonichi? I would love to hear about how you use them.

Love Louise



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