Planner Girls Collective-Latest Stationery Purchases

Hello everyone! This week our brief is to talk about our latest stationery purchases. Is Emma trying to get us in trouble with our other halves? I hope my husband isn’t reading this blog post!

In terms of new stationery purchases, well I won’t lie, there are always a few!

A few of the latest things I have bought have been:

  • Rose gold ruler from Amazon. This was a fairly cheap purchase at £4.39 with free delivery. The delivery did take a month, but the quality of the ruler is fantastic and it was well worth the wait!
  • Planner Society Kit. This is my monthly deluxe purchase and I absolutely adore it. Head over to my channel to see a full pskitunboxing here:
  • Kikki K sage compendium. This one was from eBay as the product is kikkikno longer available on the Kikki K website. I bought it to ‘house’ my bullet journal and its absolutely perfect. If you want one of these, its worth a browse of eBay for sure!
  • TomBow Dual Brush pens. These were not exactly a necessary purchase I admit………but I decided to treat myself to a few pastel pens. There are lots available on Amazon, I got the Pastel set and the Portrait set.
  • Lamy LX Fountain Pen and diamine shimmer inks. This one was the ultimate in luxury purchases, but to be fair, it was a Christmas present. I did a review on my channel here.
  • Stickers, stickers and stickers…….I have been purchasing over at EllieBethDesignsUk and a ABeautifulPlan. I picked up some new Notes set from Rachel’s shop and some new Boho Calm stickers from Kelly’s shop. Head over to my channel for unboxing videos.

I know that is a bit of an eclectic mix. I am now on a restricted spend for January. What have you been buying recently?

Love Louise


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