Planner Girls Collective – Favourite Stationery and Craft Shops

Hello everyone,

Today our challenge has been set to talk about our favourite craft and stationery shops, so me being the enabler that I am, was happy to oblige.  I have split the shops into two sections, online and physical shops, some of the shops will be specific to where I live in Manchester, so apologies.

Online Shops:

Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime member which means that Amazon is pretty much my go to for supplies, purely because I am impatient and I want my happy mail to arrive quickly. There is not much that you cannot get your hands on by searching Amazon.

Mrs Brimbles. The Mrs Brimbles shop is an Aladdin’s cave full of treasures. If you haven’t had a look at her site, head over post haste as there is all sorts of gorgeous craft and stationery goodies to check out.

BureauDirect. This is an amazing site, they have amazing inks, pens, they stock all sorts of notebooks too.

Penman Direct is a great site if you are interested in calligraphy and pens.

Physical Shops.

Paperchase is the go to shop on the high street for me for supplies. It can be a bit pricey and you can definitely get a lot of the products cheaper elsewhere, but sometimes, when you need your stash to arrive quickly then its worth it.

Hobbycraft. The same rules apply with Hobbycraft as Paperchase. They have more different types of crafting items in here too. They have knitting, baking and lots of great supplies for pretty much any sort of hobby to be honest.

The Range. I only recently discovered this shop, but its amazing. Its really reasonable and they have amazing craft and stationery bits and pieces.

Fred Aldous. I am lucky enough that Fred Aldous is in Manchester, they do have an online shop however. This is an amazing shop full of all sorts of crafting and stationery goodies.  The notebook section alone is quite breathtaking. They have rows and rows of Leuchtturm and moleskins in pretty much every shape and size.

So this is my list of my favourite shops. I would love to hear what shops you love.

Love Louise x


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