Planner Girls Collection – Inspirational Quotes

Hello Everyone! Today our posts are all about inspirational Quotes. I have a few quotes that I always look to when I need a little pick me up. The most obvious place for me to find quotes is Pinterest.

There is one quote that is really resonates with me at the moment relates to self care. Since I became a mother I find self care hard as I struggle to put myself to the top of the priority list.

The quote in question is this one from Eleanor Brown. I first heard this quote at the Mrs Brimbles Plannercon in April of last year. I think its becoming more and more obvious to me that the best way for me to be a better mother and wife is to be a little bit selfish every now and again. If I am rested and fulfilled that will allow me to give more to the people around me.


empty cup quote.png

January for me is about self care and with that in mind I am starting the 30 day Self Improvement challenge.


I found this challenge on http://www.revengebakery.com and I think by following this list of 30 things it will give me some accountability. This year I will be putting myself first a little bit more. The concept is still one that I struggle with, but my children are getting a bit older and its important for my health, both physically and mentally to do this for myself.

Let me know what inspirational quotes you have chosen this year.

Love Louise




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