Cleaning Schedule – The Fly Lady

Since the New Year a lot of people have been reaching out in the planner community asking about cleaning schedules. I think the start of a new year means people want to start a fresh routine and a lot of people feel overwhelmed with keeping the house clean.

About a year ago I started following the fly lady and I have over time modified the original schedule to fit in with my needs. If you have never heard of the Fly lady her website is here: Fly Lady Website

In a nutshell the whole system comprises of splitting your home into 5 zones. Each week you will carry out a list of basic cleaning tasks for the whole house, then on top of this you concentrate on a zone, which is on rotation. For example, the week I am writing this, is zone 2 (the kitchen). In my opinion the kitchen is by far the most labour intensive and time consuming than other zones, and as such it takes me twice as long to complete the zone 2 cleaning tasks. What it means is, each week the basic cleaning tasks are done over the whole house, but once every five weeks the more detailed cleaning will take place in the zone.

For zone 2 the detailed cleaning is:

  • Empty and deep clean the fridge
  • Deep clean the microwave and oven
  • Empty the cupboards and wipe out
  • Empty the drawers and wipe out, including cutlery drawer
  • Put the dishwasher on a clean cycle
  • Tidy under the sink
  • Deep clean the hob and hood
  • Sort out the tupperware and throw away that are missing lids etc.
  • Deep clean of floor using steam cleaner.

There are detailed cleaning lists available on the fly lady site.

I have put two videos up on my YouTube channel, showing my cleaning schedule and a sneak peek of my daily cleaning too here: Weekly Cleaning Schedule and Daily Cleaning

I hope this is of some help to you if you want to setup a cleaning schedule. I would love to hear what sort of schedules you follow.

Happy cleaning

Love Louise





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