Confessions of a Plannerholic

My Travelers Notebook Setup

Hello Everybody! I am very excited to show you my new Travelers Notebook. I placed a order with Travelers Times for a Personal sized extra wide notebook. The one I ordered was a metallic copper colour and its so gorgeous.

The leather is fantastic and the colour is really well sealed. It feels like it will withstand a lot of wear and tear. I changed the colour of the elastics from the original colour to this copper elastic that I bought a while ago.

Inside I have used most of the contents of the Planner Society Kit to decorate and for my dividers. I made the inside planner pockets myself using an old purse and then put on the custom panel from the PS box. I made myself a laminated dashboard with additional pocket and then added a shaker dashboard inside.

I used the papers included in the box to make my own dividers for each notebook. I made the tabbed sections using a simple heart design.


As this planner also serves as my purse I added a simple zipped img_2992wallet that I picket up at Accessorize. I used spare elastics to secure this in place. This purse was £12 and the sizing is pretty near perfect for a personal size. Having this inside my planner is working so well for me. I like having all of my things together in one place. The great thing about this purse is that I can also fit my phone inside, meaning that I can just grab my TN and I am all set.


So there is my very basic setup. I am really looking forward to receiving my next planner society box and using these items in my TN each month.


Love Louise






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