The Vintage Planner

17 Before 2017

About six months ago I stumbled across a post that someone had done about a ’17 before 2017 post’. I can’t even remember who posted it now, but I knew it was something I wanted to have a go at. I drafted my list of the 17 things I wanted to tick off and put them in a planner. The list is a mix of personal. family, health, well-being goals. A real mixture of all sorts. As the end of the year is fast approaching I thought I would share this list with you, then in January I can give you an update on the progress I managed to make.

  1. Get a pet. We did have a dog for about two weeks last year, but it didn’t work out. Fast forward and this year I wanted to get a pet, probably something a bit more manageable.
  2. Cut my hair. I decided i wanted a choppy bob instead of my long locks
  3. Increase Youtube subscribers to more than 250.
  4. Increase Instagram subscribers to more than 500.
  5. Launch The Vintage Planner. I wanted to become more cohesive and have a better branding.
  6. Lose 1.5 stone.
  7. Find planner peace
  8. Declutter and organise my wardrobe.
  9. Enrol on a writing course
  10. Be chosen for a Design Team
  11. Work on my patience
  12. Take more photographs
  13. Setup a cleaning Rota
  14. Be more active.
  15. Start letter practise with Abi. She will be three in January so it seems like a good time to start working on this.
  16. Look into spirtuality and learn more. Perhaps start a course.
  17. Designate more me time.

The reality is I could have written so many more things that I wanted to do, achieve or work on, but this is a good start. I will update you in January on my progress and perhaps draft out my 18 before 2018 in good time!

Have you written your list of goals for the end of the year? What have you got listed?

Love Louise



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