Confessions of a Plannerholic

Confessions of a Plannerholic – December Bucket List

This week we have been set a challenge to think of a December Bucket list that is not Christmassy! Eeeew, this is hard! December as a month (and even beforehand) is so filled up with Christmas that its easy to get caught up in the hype. Here is my list of things I want to do in December

  1. Have a non Christmas filled birthday! My birthday is on the 4th of December and as such it’s very difficult to have a birthday that isn’t Christmassy. In fact to that end I no longer even try to go out or have any type of celebrations in December. Everywhere is too busy, nobody has lots of money to spend in December either. Instead I usually pick a date into the new year, after the January slump, and have a celebration then.
  2. Book a sneaky weekend away without the bambinos. Each year my husband and I book in a two night stay at a hotel without the children to get some rest and relaxation. I haven’t looked into this yet, but given how fast things book up I need to get this sorted pronto.
  3. Find a winter drink that isn’t coffee based. This one is very tricky as most coffee shops (clue is in the name really…) base their drinks around coffee. Egg nog latte, pumpkin spice latte etc. I gave up coffee in August of this year and so these drinks cannot be consumed. I am also not a massive fan of hot chocolate. More research needed, as you don’t find many winter tea types that have the same appeal.
  4. Take the opportunity to write a 2016 summary. A great one for a planner or journal page. What were our family highlights of the year. What were my personal highlights. This should be a fun one to do for sure.
  5. Look ahead to 2017 ( This is going to take some getting used to). What do I want to achieve next year? What goals am I working towards next year?  As a family what do I want and what are my own personal goals? All really good questions to ask myself and ways to measure how far I have come.
  6. Remember to sit back and take stock. Life has a funny way of zooming us by at 100mph and before we realise it, a year has zoomed past. As the mother of two young children I can tell you that time is flying way too fast for my liking. I saw a quote that sums up being a parent, particularly a stay at home mum. “The days are long, but the years are short.”   Gretchen Rubin. It’s really important for me to stop and smell the roses sometimes. Remind myself that they are just 2 an 6 and before I know it they will 10 and 14, then 16 and 20 and I will no longer have babies. This is why journaling  is so important to me now. I want a way to record my memories and whilst phones are nice, I truly believe there is nothing better than a tangible honest to goodness old fashioned piece of paper.
  7. Be creative and find more toddler activities for 2017. Next year I want to find more activities for things to do with my daughter. I am guilty of doing playgroups, toddler gym, local type actives too much. I live in Manchester and so there are lots of things to do across the whole city. I have been 9am to 3pm each day at my disposal, so as such I should be able to fill up the days easily. I have been taking the easy options by doing local things, so I will aim for one ‘adventure day’ a week where we go gallivanting off somewhere in search of high adventure.

These are my ideas for now. Nothing too groundbreaking, but important to me never the less. What things are on your December Bucket list?

Love Louise x

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