Confessions of a Plannerholic

Confessions of a plannerholic – Top 5 Role Models

Hello my lovely readers.

Our challenge this week for the confessions series were to talk about role models.

This is another one that required a serious amount of thought, Emma does like to challenge us! I thought about the spectrum of the people I look upto, outside of my own family obviously. I mean my number one hero is my mum, but I am pretty sure Emma meant for us to talk about more well known people.

In no particular order here are my heroes.

  1. Paula Radcliffe. I love Paula Radcliffe for lots of reasons, but the main reason is that she is a freaking machine! I have recently got into running and I even stuck my name in that hat for London Marathon ballot. I didn’t get a place, but I am in awe of people who can run a marathon. Paula Radcliffe is the biggest female running role model that this country has ever produced in my opinion. Shes a mummy aswell, that’s right the woman runs marathons and has two babies. I think shes very inspirational.
  2. Andy Murray. This man is amazing! His tennis career is phenomenal and hes a father too. See the pattern that seems to be developing? I think people who have children and have these successful careers are awesome. I know they have childcare help, but I still think its fantastic. I don’t think Andy gets all the recognition he always deserves too………..Sir Andy anyone?
  3. I am sticking with males here and giving a shout out to Gary Barlow. I have loved him from the Take That days……….yes I was a Thatter. Loud and proud! I think hes had a career of such highs, but hes had his tough times, troubles with dodgy tax investments, career dips and he lost his little girl at birth a few years ago tragically. I think as a celebrity dad hes a real role model to lots of fathers.
  4. Another male……………what is it with me? David Beckham. I think hes a great daddy too. Off topic I once met David Beckham and I fawned all him over. Cringeworthy. His career has been amazing, both at club level and for England. We all remember the Greece game right? I know hes had scandal and rumour associated with him. I think hes still a great role model to lots of daddies. Not too shabby on the eye either!
  5. Not a celebrity as such, but someone who has been put into the public eye through tragedy. Joanne and Dan Thompson. Their daughter died whilst she was being cared for at nursey. Here is a link to Joanne’s blog          Millies parents found the strength to start a trust in memory of their daughter with the aim of offering low cost first aid courses for everyone. They even managed to change the law so its compulsory for all nursery staff to be first aid trained. I cannot imagine how they found the strength to carry on each day after losing their daughter. They are both very inspirational to me.

There are so many people that I could have mentioned in this blog, I know there is no rhyme or reason to the people I have picked but these people were the first names that popped into my head.

I look forward to seeing what the other people in the series have in their posts!

Bye for now

Louise x


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