Confessions of a Plannerholic

Confessions of a Plannerholic – Top 10 Blogs/Vlogs

Hello everyone, welcome back to the blog. Firstly you might have noticed things are looking a little different around here. I decided I wanted to update my image and get my social media to all tie in with each other. I was able to get the same name across all of my platforms and go the domain I really wanted too!

So our challenge was to think of the best 10 Vloggers and bloggers. I decided to concentrate on YouTube Vloggers.  Here is my list, no particular order, I do love them all!

  1. Lifestyle bloggers – The Michalaks. I love these Vloggers so much. They produce the best quality videos week on week. They have a little 2 year old boy, almost the same age as Abi too. Stefan spends so much time editing the vlogs and it really shows. They do have the most amazing tech, including drones and cameras, but it really makes the videos look like they have been professionally made. Hannah is fantastic too and I love her mini channel for style tips.

  2. Planner Gurus in the UK. Number one top planner guru type would have to be Mrs Brimbles. I have lost many hours down the rabbit hole on Youtube watching Anna’s Videos I can tell you! I could listen to her talking for hours! She has a real down to earth style and is very easy to relate to.

  3. Planner Gurus in the USA. I would say I watch Ms Trenchcoat quite a bit in the US. She is more like a guru for productivity than creativity, but she has a straight talking style and I have leartnt quite a bit from her. You wont find any creative / plan with me type videos on her channel though.

  4. Bullet Journalists. Boho Berry is for sure the best vlogger of bullet journaling. Her style is amazing and her spreads are so creative. I have used her as inspiration on so many of my spreads. I wish I could draw as well as she does. She also has the loveliest handwriting and is a big fan of fountain pens.

  5. Creative Journaling. One of my favourite people to watch for creative journaling is Geraldine Jayne. Apart from the fact that I could listen to her talk for hours, her work is absolutely gorgeous. I always feel so inspired after watching Geraldine’s videos that I want to get my own journal out!.

  6. Unboxings, planner setups and general inspiration on how to use them. One of our own contributors here, the very wonderful Kelly, over at ABeautifulPlan has been producing the most wonderful videos lately. Her planner flip through’s are the most wonderful things I have seen! She has been producing unboxing videos and showing how she has used the items in too, which i have found to be so fantastic. Sometimes I struggle to think of ways to use some items that come in some subscription boxes, Kelly has a real flair for being innovative and creative. She also convinced me to sign up the Planner Society Box too!

  7. Plan With Me’s  – Rachel Blundell from EllieBethDesigns has to be my favourite Vlogger for her Plan with mes. I love her stickers anyway but I love watching Rachel use stickers. I could watch Plan With Me videos for hours and hours. Rachel has also been producing lovely videos for Travellers notebooks lately, which I’ve been loving too.

  8. Mummy Type Vlogs – At the moment I am loving Giovanna Fletcher. She has been producing videos aimed just for mummies and her style is really honest and real. I love seeing famous people who are facing the same challenges with parenting as I have!

  9. Travelers Notebook Videos – I love Ali Brown for her videos on Travelers Notebooks. She is all about the chic sparrow. but I still get a lot of inspiration from her setups.I have spent many an hour watching her videos and I love her office too!

  10. I also love MissVickyBee. She has so many videos about all sort of planner related topics. I have got so much inspiration from her. She is another US planner, but I love her style and she seems very down to earth too. She is due to have a baby any day now so she might not be able to post many videos while she gets used to looking after her second baby. Check her out though.

I suggest that you go and check these channels out, if you don’t already subscribe. I found it hard to narrow them down to just 10 to be honest, but these girls above are really awesome. Please let me know if there is anybody you think I should check out too!

Love Louise x

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