Confessions of a Plannerholic

Confessions of a Plannerholic – Halloween Bucket List

Hello everyone! This week we are looking at our Halloween Bucket List ideas. This one really got me thinking, you see as an almost 36 year old mother of two, I would say my Halloween bucket list is pretty much completed. Now Halloween is all about the children. With this is mind, I have created a bucket list for my children.

Bucket list for Abi and James

  1. Go to a childrens halloween party at a playcentre. Our local playcentre organises parties every year and this is the first year that I have got tickets for both. Now Abi is not far off being 3, she really understands everything more.
  2. Carve a pumpkin. This year I really want to let the kids do their own pumpkins. I am a bit of a control freak and find it hard to just let the kids do their own thing. This year I will just let them do their own creative thing
  3. Trick or Treating. This is a tough one for me. I love trick or treaters who come to the door. I love letting my children open the door and having fun that way, but I really don’t feel comfortable flipping it over. I don’t want to be the person on the other side of the door and as such I don’t think I will let my children participate in the side of the deal. Give we are out a party, I think that’s how I will get around that particular issue.
  4. Kick ass costumes! I am not always fantastic at the make up and styling side of costumes. Lets face it, most of my costumes come from Asda. This year I am really trying to up my game, with the use of pinterest and youtube. This year my kids will have better make up and hair for their costumes
  5. As they are older it will be nice to have a spooky stories night, or watching a spooky children’s film (corpse bride or some such thing). I don’t think I will ever let them watch anything too scary, even as teenagers, as I am actually terrified of the supernatural in horror films. I believe in it too much and think these things really could happen.
  6. Halloween Crafts. There is so much by way of inspiration for crafts out there. I want to do some fun making activities with the children this year. I am all about the craft activities, and so is my daughter. James can take it or leave it really, hes not the most creative of children, but with a bit of encouragement I am sure we can make some spooky decorations.
  7. Halloween baking. I would really like to do some baking activities to make spooky biscuits or cakes.
  8. An autumnal walk, jumping in the leaves. I think the small things are really important too. I love autumn and a walk in the lovely autumn air can be really fab. We usually end up choosing leaves and sticks to bring back too.


I think that is all for now, as my children get older I cant wait to add to this list. Happy Halloween everyone xx



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