Confessions of a Plannerholic

Confessions of a Plannerholic – A-Z of Planning

This week we have been set the task of writing a blog post for the A – Z of planning. This task was much harder than I thought it would be! I sat down with a piece of paper and tried to sketch out each letter. Some letters were much easier than others and some were a little tenuous! So here we go………..

A – Alphabet stickers. At the moment I am doing quite a bit of creative journalling, and as such alphabet stickers are so useful. I always seem to pick up alpha stickers at shops.

B – Bullet Journal. My planning system of choice. I love love love this sytem.

C – Carpe Diem – My backup ring planner of choice. At the moment I have one in Robins Egg and one in Ballerina Pink

D – Decoration – Practically every spread I create has some form of decoration on. I am a functional planner, don’t get me wrong, but I have to have it pretty too.

E – Ephemera. Since I started creative journal I use ephemera all the time to create pages.

F – Fountain Pens. I love using fountain pens, I have several lamy pens, with different colour inks in. I have seen Lamy do a rose gold pen which I am eyeing up!

G – Gold. I have a penchant for gold things. I think I must be part magpie, but if its gold I am instantly attracted to it.

H – Hobbycraft, one of my favourite high street stationery shops.

I – Ink. I love getting new inks for my lamy, I find you can pick up inks via ink drops or samplers to save costs if you just want to try an ink for the first time.

J – Journal. I love love love my creative journal. I have got a rose gold websters pages travelers notebook which I use as my creative journal.

K – Kikki K. My favourite planner company right now. I am using a pink lavender a5 as my current planner.

L – Lightbox. I recently picked up a lightbox, to help with video lighting and just for fun too really. They are widely available in lots of shops and quite reasonably priced.

M – Monthly Pages. I use monthly pages for my calender, my instagram prompts, my finances. I love having a monthly view so I can keep my eye on the prize!

N – New. I love picking up new planner bits. I love seeing new shops or new products. I recently found the range, which is a new shop for me.

O – Online. I do most of my purchases online. Some shops have better ranges online and also I have two young children so shopping is not always easy.

P – Paperclips. I love paperclips. They seem to always end up in my shopping basket.

Q – Quill Pen. I got a pen that looks like a quill in my September Ugly Bug does subscription. My son loves it as he thinks it looks magical.

R – Raskog. Most planner girls have a raskog. I picked up a turquoise one from my local Ikea and its ace. I love these carts for keeping my stuff together.

S – Stickers. I am a sticker addict. I love printing stickets, I love buying stickers.

T – Tweezers. A funny item to have in your planner stash, but I find that sometimes when sticking down minuet stickers you need tweezers to put them down nicely.

U – Unboxings. One of my favourite type of videos to watch on YouTube.

V – Vision Board. I have recently created a vision board for both my a5 planner and my creative journal. I used a cork board and pulled it apart to repurpose it. It was a very cheap way to do it and very effective.

W – Washi Tape. I adore washi tape. i have rolls and rolls of it, but I love to pick up a roll or two when shopping. I have a preference for foiled ones at the moment.

X – XCut Corner Rounder. I love having a corner rounder and I picked up an XCut one from Amazon recently. I think rounded corners have a nice vintage feel so I like to round corners of pages and also corners of my ephemera pieces too. The small act of a round corner make things look a bit more professional sometimes.

Y – YouTube. My big source of inspiration. I love watching YouTube videos for anything planner related. In fact for most things, reviews, unboxings, plan with mes, hauls…. YouTube is the first place I turn.

Z – Zip – Polaroid Zip. Sorry tenuous one there. I do love my zip printer as its really useful for adding little pictures on my memory spreads. The quality isnt fantastic, but it doesnt bother me too much. I think just having little images really adds depth to memory pages for me.

So if you made it to the end of this post well done you! Thank you so much to everyone for reading and I will see you all soon.

Love Louise x

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