The Vintage Planner

My Weight Loss Journey

aSince I got back from my holiday in Spain I have been on a mission to lose weight. My journey is a long and complicated one, but, if you are sitting comfortably I will tell all. Do you have a cup of tea? If so, lets begin.

I am taking you back to January 2014. Not long after I had Abi, I was diagnosed with gallstones. It was a long time to getting a diagnosis, lots of trips to hospital and in the end they told me my only option would be to have my gallbladder removed. Me being me, never questioned anything further, I was delighted to have a diagnosis and thrilled at the prospect of not having terrible gallstone attacks. Let me tell you know that was THE WORST DECISION EVER. I was left with such terrible gastro problems afterwards and the worst thing was the weight would not come off. If anything it was getting worse and I couldn’t stop the weight from piling on. I let this situation go on for two years before I took myself off to the doctors, a blubbering mess. Thankfully I got a really kind GP who gave helpful advice and support. I was given some medication to help with my gastro problems and finally I was able to lead a normal life without needing to be 50 feet near a toilet. My weight problem however, was not so easily sorted.

You see I have classic dieters amnesia. I tell myself I am being good, but I was forgetting all the little extras. The white toast at babygroups, the little biscuit here and there and then the hoovering up of the kids leftovers.

I saw some photos of myself in Spain which reduced me to tears. I had to stop and take myself in hand. I know myself and the type of person I am, and that I am pretty much an ‘all or nothing’ type of person. I knew that if I wanted to do this, I had to live pretty much like a nun. So what did I do first? You got it, I got out my planner. I drew up weight loss and health tracker. I decided to go it alone, I don’t follow a specific weight loss plan as such. I don’t go to any groups or do anything online.


Believe me when I tell you that I have been flipping to these pages frequently. First off I wasn’t sure if to post my weight on here, but in the interests of full disclosure I wanted to show where I am up to and be as honest as I can. I am now down to 11 stone 3 as of this morning, but my official weigh day isn’t until Monday. I still have one stone to go, but that is a massive achievement from where I stood back in May. I didn’t have my exact weights before the start of August, truth be told I don’t think I could bare to look back then. My aim is to be at my goal weight by my birthday in January.

The other key part of this whole process for me has also been exercise. I have been running regularly each week as I am waiting for the decision on the London Marathon Ballot. I entered my name into the ballot back in April and I should know if I got a place in about two weeks time. The running helps me on so many levels, it helps with toning, with posture and also running gives me a mental boost. When I am out running, its just me, I am not anybody’s mum, or wife for an hour. I just go, I feel fantastic!

So if you are in a similar position to I as back in July, my advice is start small. Set achievable goals, give yourself rewards when you achieve your goals. No, I am not talking food related rewards, I mean, a bath, a new pen, a new top! Track your progress and be honest with yourself. If you need the support of a group, go and join. I have never met anybody at the weight loss group that wasn’t supportive. I hope this is of some help to you all.

I wish you all a happy weight loss journey and hope you all achieve your goals soon.

Love Louise xx


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