Confessions of a Plannerholic – #10 – Must See Films

This week we have been challenged to talk about our favourite films. I must say from the outset, I have a bit of an eclectic taste in films. There is a huge and varied list here, so I have chosen my top ten films and given a reason for the film.

Best animated film – Frozen. I have to say that this film is on a lot at my house, as I have a two year old daughter. However, the reason I have chosen this film is the characters. Mainly Princess Anna. Shes awesome, a fearless, caring lovely sister who saves the day. Talk about girl power.

Best Musical type film – Mary Poppins. This film is timeless! As with Frozen, this film is on a lot at our house. My children adore Mary Poppins in the same way as I did when I was little. I still have a little tear in my eye at the end of this film.

Best Dramatic type film. – The Shawshank Redemption. If you haven’t seen this film then you seriously seriously need to see it, tonight! I loved this film so much and I guessed the ending before I had even seen it! Seriously get it on Netflix now!

Best comedy type film -Night at the Roxbury. This is a film that I cannot even remember how we stumbled across, but its brilliant. Add it to your list immediately.

Best Rom Com – About Time. I love Richard Curtis films and this one does not disappoint. I love Bill Nighy in this as the lead characters father.

Best Guilty Pleasure film – Pretty Woman. I must have watched this a thousand times but I still love the story.

Best Violent Type film – Pulp Fiction. I seriously did not think I would like this film, but in the end I was glad I watched it as it was actually really good. I thought I would hate it, but goes to show you should watch films outside of  your usual films.

Best Black and white film – Brief Encounter. Seriously I cried my actual eyes out. Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson were awesome.

Best 80’s Film – The Goonies. No words needed, except……….Truffle Shuffle.

There are really so many films that I could have listed, but this is a good start. If there are any films that you think I should watch, please let me know.

Happy film watching!

Louise x

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