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iPhone 7 Review

This year I decided to get a new iPhone on release day. I was due a new phone as my old phone battery was unreliable and the storage was a problem as I regularly filled up the capacity.

I ordered my phone online and went straight to Manchester Arndale Apple Store to pick up my new phone. It was pretty much chaos inside the store and several things had gone wrong with Apple processes meaning they had lots of unhappy customers. However I managed to get my phone pretty quickly as it was just a straight forward pickup.  I managed to swap out my old iPhone for £305 too, which I put straight towards replacing my sons cracked iPad. He dropped it a few weeks ago and cracked the screen to smithereens!

The only annoying thing is that despite hours of trying, I couldn’t restore the phone from a backup, which meant I had to start from scratch and start the phone from a fresh. I think I got most of the apps sorted, but I lost a lot of footage and photos that I took this past couple of weeks, including three youtube videos I filmed! Two of them were plan with me videos which I can’t really do again, so I am pretty naffed off.

In terms of the phone, well to look at it you really wouldn’t know it was any different to the iPhone 6s. The size and shape is exactly the same. On the back the camera is in a slightly different place so my old case won’t fit anymore.

The iPhone 7 has a 12MP sensor (which is no different to the iPhone 6, but with a wider aperture, a new lens, a new image processor and optical image stabilisation. Put simply you will get better photos, with better colours and sharper images. Where you will really see this improvement is in poor light conditions. The iPhone also has two lenses, which will mean your phone will be able to produce an optical zoom. This means that you will be getting photos almost as good as if you used an SLR camera.

The big problem for most people is the lack of a headphone jack. Honestly for me it isn’t a problem at all. Apple supply you with a set of earphones with a lightening connector, and a little adaptor for earphones that you currently have too, so you can still use your existing kit.

Other things to note:

The iPhone has stereo speakers, one is at the top and one at the bottom. This means when I am watching Youtube videos the quality of sound will be much improved.

The processor is faster. In reality I am sure I wont even notice the difference in my day to day use.

Improved battery. Apparently Apple have said it will be a two hour improvement. I was desperate for an improved battery, so if this is true I will be seriously impressed.

It is dust and water resistant. I am not in any rush to test out this theory. however, I am far to nervous, after dropping my phone in water at least once.

My Overall Verdict.

I probably wont notice the benefits of many of the upgrades and improvements. The headphone jack removal really doesn’t bother me in the slightest, as long as I can listen to music its all good.


So far, one day in and I haven’t noticed any real changes at all to the iPhone 6s.

Have any of you got the new iphone 7 yet? What are your thoughts?

Love Louise



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