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Bullet Journal Supplies

Hello everyone

I decided to do an updated ‘supplies’ video and post as its been a while since I did one and now I am in a bullet journal the supplies that I use are slightly different.

I picked up an a5 wallet from WHSmith that was a couple of pounds to hold all my bits and pieces.

Some of the most used pieces in there as far as ‘tools go’ are my single hole punch and corner rounder which I got from Amazon. I also have a couple of stencils, a rule, rubber, sharpener, glue. The usual bits and pieces.

The next set of things I have in there are sticky notes (Websters pages), a selection of stickers from different shops to hand (the ones pictured are ABeautiful Plan, Sea Salt and Paper and Mrs Brimbles). I have a selection of washi tapes too, which change depending on the last spread I happened to do.

The last thing I have a generous amount of pens! The ones pictured are as follows: Papermate type frixon pens, staedler fineliners, TomBow Brush Pens, scibblicious from the works fineliners, Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen, Frixon Highlighters and a Rose Gold paperchase pen.

These are my go to selection right now, and of course as my spread, mood and life changes these do get swapped around.

What are your go to supplies? If there is anything that I am missing which you think I should get, leave a comment.

Happy planning




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