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Bullet Journal in a ring bound planner

Sorry for the radio silence recently. The summer holidays were busy and I didn’t have much time to plan or blog. September has arrived now, and with it I have a new found enthusiasm to improve my blog, youtube and instagram accounts.

The main thing that happened over the summer from a planning perspective is I finally found my planner peace. It turns out that planner peace really doesn’t come in the vessel that I use, (believe me when I say that I have tried so many planners I am embarrassed to say.) For me it was really just about the inserts, which I should have realised a lot sooner. I was drawn back into bullet journalling whilst I was on holiday in Spain. I found some fantastic grid journals in a local supermarket which were an amazing quality so I stocked up and started a bullet journal again. I have learnt some lessons, which might help you in some way.

  1. I need an a5 planner. I tried a personal on the go and an a5 at home, but it turns out that when I do this, all that happens is the personal gets neglected and there is extra duplication.
  2. I need to carve out a dedicated time of the day to plan and stick to it. I find that the best time for me is at breakfast time. I can sit down with my coffee and porridge and plan the day ahead. I also usually take a few minutes just before bed to check I have achieved the to do’s for the day. I obviously I have my planner open several times a day too.
  3. Having a set of supplies close to hand is helpful. I have a pouch full of the essentials on my raskog. I can grab this little a5 pouch when I have some planner time and I have my most used items ready to go.
  4. The right inserts are key for me. In my case I used a notebook to make my own inserts Each week I draw the inserts I want and use stickers and colours to make my pages just how I want.
  5. Planning and pre-planning is really important. In terms of my social media, filming, writing, its essential that I plan out what I am going create way, way ahead of time. If I plan out my whole month I can easily see where my busy times are, and as such I can plan out how I can fit in any work I want to do.

I have done a Youtube video showing my bullet journal on my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fw-o2wO-KE

Hope you find your planner peace too.





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