The Vintage Planner

Finding time to plan

This last week my son was on half term and it was so busy! The days were quite full on and there wasn’t really anytime to sit down and plan. During my normal week the time I get to plan is during my daughters nap time. However, this time is not going to last forever as she is 2 and a half and they stop napping around this age.

Each day I usually get up and make the kids breakfast, whilst they eat their breakfast I sit down with my planner and get my day sorted. The planner stays open most of the time during the day  and as its also my wallet it comes out with me everywhere. During my daughters nap time I usually try to get the day sorted for the next day. I bullet journal, so the day is usually a of lists. Once a week I will get the following week planned and decorated.

At night, just before bed I will take one last look in my planner before I go to sleep to tick off what I have done or to add for the following day.

Now I have settled on my system, it is easier, but I still find planning hard to do with both children around. This is what happened the last time I tried to plan with Abi next to me!


How does everyone else find the time to plan with young children?

Louise x


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