The Vintage Planner

Favourite supplies!

I have been using a planner for about 6 months now and I feel that there are several supplies which are my ‘go to supplies’.

The planner that I am currently ‘moved into’ is my Rose Gold Kate Spade Wellesley. I got this planner second hand from a Facebook sales page and my goodness I love it. I had a little wobble a few weeks ago and sold this planner! I had immediate sellers regret and thankfully the lovely lady I sold this planner to had buyers regret. I therefore bought back the planner I had sold and the world was good once again. Phew!

As might know I bullet journal so my inserts are a little different to normal ones. I use Just So Stationery inserts for my Weekly inserts, cleaning rota and online orders and dot grid paper for everything else. This gives me more flexibility to shape my day based on my needs.


My pens of choice for writing have to be Lamy pens, I have safaris, al stars and joy versions, with colour coordinating ink. Yes I am that sad! For colour I use staedler fineliners which I also like to write in and I have some Tombow DualBrush pens that I use for colour. My favourite colour combos have to be pinks and purples. I love how they look on my pages.

As far as stickers go I would say my number one sticker shop is EllieBethDesigns, I am still quite new to the sticker world, but her kits seem to go a long way and last me a few decent spreads. I have also bought some stickers recenty from ChochoandMimi and Bits of stationery which are pretty awesome.

My favourite tools of choice are probably very simply my one hole punch from Amazon which cuts anything like a dream. Ideal for cutting through decorated pages and my corner rounder, also from Amazon. I also love my steel ruler, for precision drawing. Finally I have a set of stencils that I got from Veryvivv on etsy which have proved to be extremely useful.


Hope this has given you some ideas for supplies!

Happy crafting!





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