Feels like a good week to write this post, given the events at the Cincinnati Zoo. I too had a comment from a troll this week. My circumstances are different to the zoo however. Mine had to do with saying that I was gutted I was missing a planner meetup when I was stuck at a playcentre for James birthday. Of course I was always going to be at the party, but whether its your kid or not, playcentres are boring! There I said it, and I am not sorry. James ran off to play and wasn’t fussed if I was there or not. It wasn’t even his birthday that day. I was bored, but talking to the school mums was nice. What makes me a bad mum to say that being at a playcentre is boring? We spent the whole weekend doing family things, and the nicest thing was when we were together as a 4. At no point did the troll in question stop to think about whether the time at the playcentre was quality time. They just judged me, which is fine, judge away. However when did it become okay to say something to someone without being in full possession of the facts. Why do we think that because we are sat behind a computer we are justified in saying things to people that quite frankly you wouldn’t have the balls to say to their faces?

I don’t know every fact about the mum and the boy at the zoo. I don’t know whether she did have her eyes on him, or if she was negligent. I can say that when I have visited the zoo with James, who we all know is a livewire that I have kept my eyes on him at all times. I judged the  mother based on my standards like the troll did to me, but I didn’t vocalise it to her. I think shes had enough of other peoples opinions. She is probably judging herself more than anybody else is right now. Only she knows if she was truly watching her children adequately. If she has four children then its probably very difficult to keep all kids together.

So my philosophy is you can judge me all you like, just keep your comments to yourself if its not something you would have the balls to say to my face, because if you are a keyboard warrior believe me I will judge your right back.

Love Louise





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