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Different Journey, Same Destination

Last week I was out with my friend Liz at a local playcentre, when an idea popped into my head. As normal I pulled out my bullet journal in order to get the ideas down. As I pulled out my bullet journal my friend squealed out loud. I passed it over to her so she could look at the pages but she was almost too afraid to pick it up. This wasn’t helped by Abi shouting “mummy’s precious, don’t touch”.

I showed her each book and she was quite miffed that she couldn’t find a scribble or a mistake anywhere, but I assured her that it is a relatively new setup so those things will come in time.

She said that she loved the idea but she had no idea how she could implement that in her busy life as a mummy and a teacher. I asked her  about her system which she said was a whiteboard on the wall at home. She takes photos of it, which she keeps with her and then updates it periodically. Her system was functional, no extras. The real beauty in my system I think is the travelers notebook I use. In my eyes my pages aren’t really decorated, there are no doodles, not a whole lot of washi or stickers either. Her main comment throughout the whole conversation, which stuck with me, was she was too afraid of ruining it to use it.

I think most of us are afraid to put pen on new inserts or books too, for this very reason. At least with ring bound planning if you hate a page you could rip it out. In a travelers notebook you either accept the mistake and move on, or cover it up with stickers or washi.

I told her at the end of the day the point is we achieve what needs to be achieved. Have the things that have to be done been done? Have we captured the important things that busy people need to capture? My system is not any better than hers, because fundamentally we are working towards the same goal of just getting our to do list checked off. Getting things done, with a different system, but achieving the same outcome. In my book thats awesome however we do it.

Louise x


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