The Vintage Planner

Planner Peace!

Planner peace is something that every planner girl dreams of finding, but I tell you what, its a rare beast. Some people have found it and some still search for the elusive Planner Peace. I don’t mind admitting that I have spent way too much on planners in the 4 months since I started planning. I have tried pretty much every brand of planners that exist in all sizes, but I have found that the planning system that works best is a travellers notebook. I like the size of my TN, I like that I can decant one book out at a time, that I can work on my lap and that I dont have to faff around with rings.

I realised that I prefer TN’s about a month ago but it was the size that I struggled with. I was convinced that I could only work out of an a5,  which in theory seems easy to sort out, but the truth is, there aren’t that many a5 TNs that I like. So I had a word with myself about obsessing over size and do you know what? It turns out that I can work in a moleskin cahier size just fine. I had my ‘unicorn planner’ sat on my desk for weeks and hadn’t realised it. For me planner peace isnt really about the vessel that holds the inserts as it turns out. It actually turns out that the real peace comes from knowing that your planner works for you, for me it means knowing exactly where to look for a certain thing, event or to do. It means knowing that if there is something out of the ordinary that happens I have a system that can deal with that. It means knowing that my system will allow me to keep all the plates spinning and that my friends is why I bullet journal in a travellers notebook.

I keep bits of ephemera and stickers in a he pockets and the front, along with the stencils I use in my bullet journal.

I currently keep 4 books inside my journal.

Book 1 houses my monthly and weekly spreads.

Book 2 houses my daily pages.

Book 3 houses my collections.

My last book is my memory keeping.
There you have it. My system, I absolutely love it. X

If you are insterested in seeing more, head over to Youtube to see my corresponding video


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