The Vintage Planner

Plannercon baby!

Last week I managed to score a last minute ticket for the Mrs Brimbles Plannercon in Cambridgeshire. I decided to stay over in a local hotel the night before and I met up with some other people who were attending the conference and staying at the hotel for a really lovely dinner on Friday night.

On Saturday morning I met up with the planner girls, Kelly, Rachel and Christine. We had some breakfast and headed over to the venue.

The room was setup with all the shop goodies from Mrs Brimbles. I was like a child in a sweet shop.

The room was setup with lots of tables and we sat down in groups of about ten.
We had some fun games of pass the parcel.

There was a really powerful talk by Geraldine James and Anna Brim which really resonated with me.

It was one is the best weekends I have had for a long time. I met some amazing people and made some friendships with like minded people who love planners. I took away some really positive messages.

I feel really lucky to have had the chance to attend such an awesome event.

Louise x


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