The Vintage Planner

Kate Spade Mega Haul

Its fair to say that I have tried pretty much all kinds of planners now, but the one that was my ultimate dream planner was a rose gold Kate spade Wellesley. I sold pretty much all of my other planners to free up some funds and I took the plunge and made my purchase.

Since I made the purchase I have been completely in love. I prettied up the pockets, added my own handmade dividers. This planner is my personal planner and wallet so I added business card holders for cards and loyalty cards and a zip pouch for change.

Here is a link to my setup.

Kate Spade Setup

kate ring setup.png

I needed to add to my Kate collection however so I took a little trip to the Trafford Centre and stopped off at John Lewis.

Here is a little video for you to see what I bought.

Now there are exciting times to come for this Kate Spade, I feel a serious makeover on the cards for her…………watch this space.

Kate Spade Haul



I would love to see your planner setups.

Love Louise x


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