The Vintage Planner

A dori? What is a dori?

Since I started planning something felt a little off to me, it took me a while to figure out what it was, I tried different sized planners, different brands, different inserts, desperately trying to work out what it was that I was not connecting with. Then whilst browsing through my favourite facebook group (Mrs Brimbles Happy Place) I saw Travelers Notebooks and fauxdori/lyradoris.

It was like someone had solved my problem instantly. That was it! It was the rings that I wasn’t getting on with. So I took my brand new Kate Spade and took to her with a screwdriver! These rings are different to normal rings as they are screwed in with hexagonal screws rather than rivoted in like other planners.

I unscrewed the rings, removed the spine and voila, I had my own zipped dori! I then threaded 4 lengths of elastic behind the fabric.

I had ordered personal sized inserts from TravelersTimes on etsy which I then slotted in. Finally I taped together all my card holders and put those at the back.

I am thrilled with how awesome this has turned out.

Has anybody else been brave enough to completely change their planner? I would love to see how you have customised your planners.

Love Louise x




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