The Vintage Planner

Didn’t have a plan……..

My name is Louise and I am a stationery – aholic. I confess. It has been one day since my last stationery purchase.

Back in January I made my first planner purchase and its been a whirlwind ever since. After Christmas I decided that I needed more order and structure in my life and after seeing someone else blog mentioning planners I decided yes this was definitely what I needed.

My first planner was a Teal Kikki K time planner and I am ashamed to say that since I bought that planner many have come and gone. I have tried Kikki K, Carpe Diem, LoveDoki, Paperchase, Websters Pages, Filofax and Kate Spade. Then comes the question of size, do I go for A5 or personal.

I was not aware how massive the planner community was, but now 3 months in, I have found my groove and my niche in the world. Yes I am a planner, and I am proud. Things are getting done in my house and as a stay at home mum the buck pretty much stops with me. A tick in a to do box is a pretty satisfactory feeling.

My life is in order and I have planner peace.



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